Are you curious about life destiny? Are you feeling for a friend to speak with?

Well, this web presence is to help people to understand their life destiny and how to change, or alter events to a better future with Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology).

Purple Star Astrology | Zi Wei Dou Shu may be able to answer issues relating to:

  • Suitable Career and Wealth Accumulation;
  • Investments, and Wealth Potential;
  • Business Venture, and Business Partnerships;
  • Love and Romance;
  • Health, Family, and Children;
  • Life Decisions (change career, job, migration, etc)
  • Timing to Act on Issues (to succeed or to avoid obstacles);
  • Feng Shui Enhancements and Mitigation

There is nothing more important in life than life itself, for you and for others. Sometimes, I feeble and fell, but the reflections of prior actions allows me to stand and walk again. Walk the journey of life with a smile, with a purpose, and embrace those that are willing to hold your hand, and walk with you [even for the shortest of time]. When you know the blue print of your life destiny, you can better manage your future destiny towards success, happiness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Love and peace